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Effective Presentation Skills

We need help in learning how to adapt our styles and apply effective interactive, communications and presentation skills, in order to further our careers and business goals.


Successful business people are characterised by their ability to communicate and interact constructively and powerfully with those they meet on a daily basis.  Effective communication requires an appropriate balance of sensitivity and assertiveness for maximum impact.  Successful interpersonal contacts need a flexible, targeted approach.  Similarly, successful business people have realised the importance of being able to plan and deliver convincing and persuasive presentations.

These skills do not come naturally – for most of us, we are either naturally too assertive or insufficiently assertive.  We unconsciously use a style of interacting that is a product of our personalities and background.  Few of us have been taught how to deliver an effective business presentation. 

 Course Methodology

This course is interactive, allowing for active participation and sharing of experience during sessions.  There will be several short lectures followed by case studies, role plays and group discussions. 


Course objectives

Candidates who successfully complete this course will be able to distinguish between assertive and non-assertive behaviour, and will be able to achieve a more positive and effective outcome in their various interpersonal contacts by communicating with impact.  They will have gained the skills to plan, prepare and deliver business presentations that have significant impact.


Successful participants on this course will be able to use a style of communication and interaction that will result in the most successful outcome possible – a win-win interaction with their colleagues, subordinates, managers, suppliers and other stakeholders. 

 In this valuable course, delegates will learn to identify their own personal styles of interaction, and will be able to differentiate between aggression and passive communication.  They will learn how to use styles of interaction and communication that are likely to have the best outcome in any situation. 

 The course will cover techniques and tools used to prepare and deliver powerful and effective business presentations, using the latest technology.

 There will be plenty of opportunity to develop, practice and receive feedback on these skills, so that they feel comfortable with them. 

 Participants will find that the knowledge and skills they gain on this course will assist them outside the work environment as well…!

Who should attend

All personnel who interact with others will benefit. In particular, it is suggested that the course should be directed towards those whose interaction skills directly influence their success at work, including:-


  • Technical personnel (Engineers, Technicians, Planners, etc.)
  • Department Managers
  • Supervisors
  • Public Relations personnel
  • Sales and Marketing personnel
  • Buyers
  • Negotiators
  • Purchasing personnel
  • Mentors and Career Coaches
  • Training and Human Resources personnel

In fact, anyone who is keen to further their personal growth and careers will benefit from this interesting, informative and practical course.

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