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Advanced Procurement Management

The course integrates the latest procurement management concepts and practices to give participants a firm grounding in the advanced skills and knowledge required for a successful Procurement Professional.


This intensive course is aimed at improving the skills of the Procurement Professional and Buyers in organizations. The course examines the strategic importance of procurement within departments by using concepts and ideas in order to maximize the procurement department’s effectiveness and thereby reducing costs throughout the supply chain. The program is designed for procurement and related executives who wish to broaden, sharpen and deepen their procurement management competencies. 


Supplier Management

  • Appropriate Supplier Methodologies
  • Transforming the Supplier Relationship
  • Supplier Evaluation Criteria
  • How to be a Good Customer 

Effective procurement management

  • Concept of effective management
  • The procurement professional
  • Procurement processes and cycle

Effective procurement management

  • Concept of effective management
  • The procurement professional
  • Procurement processes and cycle

Procurement Management Audit

  • Management audit planning & preparation
  • Management audit methodology & tools
  • Identifying, collecting and verifying the required data
  • Analyzing the data
  • Preparing the Procurement Management Audit Report

Procurement Strategic Planning

  • Formulating Procurement Vision & Mission
  • Setting Procurement Strategic Objectives
  • Conducting procurement Related Strategic Situation Analyses
  • Crafting Procurement Strategic Plan & Programs

Developing Effective Procurement Organization

  • Developing Procurement Organization structure
  • Estimating The Require Procurement Manpower
  • Developing Effective Procurement Policies & Procedures
  • Developing Procurement Performance Management System & Procurement
  • Balanced Scorecard

Procurement Annual Operational Planning

  • Setting Annual Procurement Objectives
  • Conducting Procurement Operations Related Situation Analyses
  • Crafting Procurement Annual Plan & Programs
  • Preparing Procurement Annual Budgets

Procurement Negotiations

  • The concept of effective procurement negotiations
  • Characteristics of good negotiators
  • The process and stages of negotiations
  • Negotiation strategies
  • Challenges in conducting actual negotiations and how to overcome them

Routine Procurement Operations

  • Preparing and Verifying Request For Procurement
  • Preparing Request For Quotations
  • Incoterms
  • General Terms of Purchase
  • Evaluating Quotations
  • Order Processing

Project Procurement & Tendering

  • The Tender Process
  • The Tender Team
  • Project Procurement Plans
  • Invitation to Tenders
  • Evaluating Tenders
  • Awarding Tenders

Managing Procurement Talent

  • Attract And Retain Supply Management Talent
  • Supplier Measurement
  • Vendor Rating
  • Action Planning

Course objectives

After attending this program participants will be better able to:

  • Develop effective procurement organization
  • Appraise business continuity and contingency planning for procurement
  • Prepare procurement strategies and plans
  • Utilize IT in procurement
  • Manage the procurement process
  • Manage and lead the procurement department
  • Conduct procurement negotiations
  • Manage procurement contracts

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